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MBTA Sprouts a Clover; Restaurants React to Blackout

HED: The MBTA Sprouts a Clover; How The Blackout Hits Restaurants

BACK BAY - Blackouts: not a restaurant's best friend, what with their dependency on refrigeration and all. The recent power outage wrecked havoc on restaurants and elicited all kinds of reactions. There were dry ice loans, discounted rides into affected areas, specials, calls for patronage, and lots of steaks for lions.

CAMBRIDGE - This year Craigie on Main in Central Square hosted its second annual "The Road Less Traveled " dinner, and it surely won't be the last. A tasting menu showcased bizarre ingredients like cocks combs and duck testicles and provided a glimpse into what trends may lie beyond charcuterie.

BACK BAY - How, besides fare hikes, can the MBTA raise much needed funds? Why, lease space to tiny eateries! Clover, which has two brick-and-mortars in addition to a fleet of food trucks, was the sole bidder for a 275 sq. ft. space on the backside of the Hynes T stop, which it will now magic into a cafe.

FENWAY/KENMORE - The venerable T.C.'s Lounge sustained an estimated $250,000 in damage following a fire earlier this week but luckily reported no injuries. Oddly, the fire was about two hours and one block away from the one that shut down much of the city.