One Year In

Tony Maws Is Still Bewildered by Boston's Burger Obsession

The Kirkland Tap & Trotter has reached its first anniversary, and chef/proprietor Tony Maws reflects on its first year, the balance act between Kirkland and Craigie on Main, and lots more.

Top Cheffage

Stacy Cogswell Relives the 'Amazing and Then Crazy and Scary' Beginning of 'Top Chef'

The Regal Beagle's Stacy Cogswell reflects on the first episode of Top Chef, which she gets through unscathed.

Eater Interviews

Jitti Chaithiraphant on the Art of Staging

He has completed stages at more than 50 restaurants around the country and is currently working on making craft vinegars here in Boston.

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Eater 38

Eater's essential restaurants in Boston

Eater Heatmap

Eater's curated list of what's new and what's hot
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63 Updates

Tracking Boston's Fall 2014 Openings


PRIME Butcher Grand Opening; Bully Boy Hub Punch Launch; More

A round-up of upcoming events.

Meals on Wheels

Saigon Alley to Bring Southeast Asian Street Food to the Streets

Another food truck is in the works for Boston.

The Shutter

Skipjack's to Close Original Boston Location

After 25 years in the city, the seafood stalwart will close its doors on Clarendon Street.


Last Mom and Pop-Up of the Season Offers Up Fried Chicken Dinner from Sweet Cheeks

Sweet Cheeks duo to serve classic fried chicken dinner in Fenway pop-up tonight.

Meals on Wheels

Upcoming Food Truck Nails Memorable Name, Rest to Follow

Trini-style sandwiches and soups to travel the city under the name Soupa Baked.

Eater Boston

Greenway Plans; 74 Beacon Sale; Avalon North Station; More!

Here's Curbed Boston with the latest local real estate updates.

From our sponsor

Urban Is the New Rural

New York City has a billion square feet of greenable rooftop space. That’s a lot of concrete. But some incredible urban gardeners are taking farming the next mile—upwards.

Opening Alert

Pret a Manger Opens at 1 State Street Today

The London-based quick-service chain lost one of its Back Bay locations earlier this month, but a new one opens downtown today.

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Drink Is a "World's Best Bar"; Six Flags Food & Beer Fest; More

Upcoming events and recommended reading.


Overbuttered Tasteless Fish Will Haunt Me Through the Night

A round-up of "helpful" recent restaurant reviews from Yelp and Urbanspoon.

Renovation Report

Centre Street Cafe Shows Off Last Stages of Renovation

The Jamaica Plain favorite, now under new ownership, posts new photos as it enters final phase of reopening.


Stone & Skillet Looking for Muffin Men and Muffin Women In a Completely Non-Ironic Way

Local English muffin company Stone & Skillet is hiring to meet upcoming expansion.

Eater Boston

Bao Bao Bakery's Bubble Tea, Buns, and More Coming Back

Chinatown bakery promises to reopen this fall across from original location.

Photo Interlude 1 Comment

Bathrooms of Boston: Behind the Hard-to-Find, Poorly-Marked, Graffiti-Covered Curtain

Toronto-based photographer visits Boston to survey city's toilets, documenting many of our most (frequently) visited dining destinations.

Eater 8 Comments

Top Chef Boston Episode 1: I Didn't Come Here To Toss Salad

To thoroughly enjoy the glory that is Top Chef Boston, please welcome Alison Leiby, who will be here every week to take us through the season.

The Shutter

The Elephant Walk Has Closed on Beacon Street

The Cambodian and French restaurant will open a new location in the South End in November. Its Porter Square location remains open.

Opening Alert

You Could Already Be Eating a Union Square Donuts Donut at This Very Moment

The donut shop opened this morning in its very own non-shared space at 20 Bow Street.

Eater IDK

Week in Reviews

Devra First on Asta and Puritan & Co.; MC Slim JB on Chef Chang's on Back Bay

Here's what the critics are saying this week.

Coming Attractions

North End Residents Support Monica's Expansion but Waver on Extended Sushi Rock Hours

Resident's Association meeting gives green light to expansion to Monica's but holds off on expanding hours for proposed sushi restaurant.

Top Cheffage

The Boston Season of 'Top Chef' Debuts Tonight

Tune in to Bravo at 10 p.m. tonight (Wednesday, October 15) to catch the season premiere. Here's some recommended reading to get caught up on all things Top Chef beforehand.

Coming Attractions

Cunard Tavern Gets the Early Vote Out in Jeffries Point

Overwhelming neighborhood support launches plans for new gastropub, not to mention the first of many nautical-themed headlines setting sail in the near future.

Meals on Wheels

Rami's Is Bringing the Falafel to You

The Brookline glatt kosher restaurant's food truck is up and running as of this week.

Photo Interlude

The Oven Is on at MAST' in Downtown Crossing

And a "crocodile" came out. The opening is imminent.

Eater Maps

Where to Watch All Your NFL & College Football Teams in Boston

Coming Attractions

Former Harvard Square Diner Close to Opening in Waltham

After closing their original location, Leo's Place is now hiring for its new home.

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