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Tracking Boston's Fall 2014 Openings

Keep an eye on this page for all updates on restaurants and bars opening this fall.

Opening Alert

Hallelujah, Bagelsaurus Is Now Open

Cheer up this rainy morning with a fresh, hot bagel in Porter Square.

Cocktail Week

Build a Better Home Bar With 50 Tips from Boston Bartenders

Perhaps you've always dreamt of creating your own bar at home, whether it's a leather-filled den for silently sipping martinis alone or a lively tiki-themed lounge for entertaining friends. It's...

Coming Attractions

Patrick Gilmartin Can't Wait to Serve You Corned Beef and Cabbage Dumplings at River Bar

The restaurant could open within the next few weeks at Somerville's Assembly Row. Chef Patrick Gilmartin, a Rialto alum and half of the team behind the former Staff Meal truck, talks about what to...

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Eater 38

Eater's essential restaurants in Boston

Eater Heatmap

Eater's curated list of what's new and what's hot
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This Friday, Ask Eater Critic Robert Sietsema Anything You Want

On Friday, October 24 from 3 p.m. till 4 p.m. EST, Eater critic/organ meat enthusiast Robert Sietsema will be doing an AMA on Eater's New York City forum. That means that Robert will be answering...

Eater Polls
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What's the Hottest Cocktail Neighborhood in the Boston Area?

Cocktail Week
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The Cocktail Week 2014 Map Collection

Cocktail Week
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The Cocktail Week 2014 Q&A Collection


Sherry Dinner at Island Creek; Rock the Boat at the Armory

Here are some upcoming food-related happenings.

Cocktail Week

Cocktail Week 2014 Is Now Over

Thank you for joining us for this week of cocktail obsession.

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The New DIY Dinner Hack

While we all love testing out new recipes, not knowing whether your meal is going to be successful until after you’ve spent hours preparing and cooking can be very stressful. Not only do you have...

Week in Reviews

Two Critics Praise Red Bird; Pigtrip Visits Rosebud; More

Here's what the critics are saying this week.

Cocktail Week

Boston Bartenders Share Their Trusty Hangover Cures

Since Cocktail Week is almost over and you've hopefully been drinking a lot of cocktails throughout the week, here's how to nurse that hangover.

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Cocktail Week

On How Not to Get Drunk

Timeless drinking advice from (and an homage to) one of the greatest drink writers, and drinkers, of all time.

Cocktail Week

Celebrate the Season With 11 Halloween Cocktails


Anju Noodle Bar to Host Pop-Up Next Month

The Kittery, Maine noodle bar will serve a three-course dinner at Boston's Urban Art Bar.

Eater Maps

Go Hangover-Free With These 18 Creative Mocktails

Cocktail Week

Cocktail Pairings for a Bag Full of Halloween Candy

For Cocktail Week, we asked area bartenders what cocktail they'd pair with five different dishes. Up last: A Bag Full of Halloween Candy.

Curbed Cuts

$37.5M Listing; $12.5M Sale; Ten Farnsworth; More!

Here's the latest in Boston real estate news from Curbed Boston.

Opening Alert

You Can Go to MAST' Tomorrow Night

The anticipated new restaurant and "drinkery" wiil serve its wood-fired pizzas to the public in Downtown Crossing for the first time this Saturday.

Cocktail Week

Boston Bartenders Share Their Opinion on the Word 'Mixologist'

As Cocktail Week nears its end, local bartenders discuss a word that evokes a wide range of feelings from the industry: "mixologist."

Cocktail Week

What's the Hottest Cocktail Neighborhood? (Final Round) [CLOSED]

From a field of 16, we're down to the final two. Voting is open until 3pm today (Friday, October 24).

Eater IDK

Cocktail Week

Boston Bartenders Praise Customers' Best Habits

Make your bartender happy with these good bar behaviors.

Eater Maps

These Giant Cocktails Are Meant for Sharing

Meals on Wheels

Mother Juice Will Get Back on the Road in the Spring

The new brick-and-mortar shop is introducing a few new menu items for the season.

Dive Bar Power Hour

This Concludes Dive Bar Power Hour

We hope you have enjoyed this brief foray into the wonderful world of dive bars.


These Are the 29 Best Dive Bars in Ski Country

Around New England and beyond, these are the best places to get your cheap drink on after a long day on the slopes.

Dive Bar Power Hour

Marc Hurwitz of Boston's Hidden Restaurants on Dive Bars

Marc Hurwitz has been writing his blog, Boston's Hidden Restaurants, since 2004. In it, as the name implies, he seeks out the hidden restaurant gems in Boston as well as beyond. Here, he talks with...

Dive Bar Power Hour

Dive Bar Fly on the Wall at Anchovies

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Eater Maps

Where to Watch All Your NFL & College Football Teams in Boston

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